Beltane 2008 News
May 2, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 3
Get Movin'...

Spring is a time of new and wonderful possibilities. Outside everything is active and moving. The days are warming and lengthening. Spring showers constantly refresh the earth and cool breezes renew inspirations. All around us new life is budding and sprouting. Springtime is a season of action. So pull out all those reminder notes and to-do lists you planned for all winter. Dig deep inside yourself and find the passion and energy you need to get active and work towards your goals and desires.


...and Groovin'

You can’t talk about Springtime without discussing April Fool's Day. Named for The Fool of the Tarot, the first day of April signifies all the amazing possibilities available for anyone ready to take a few risks. But at he same time, Springtime reminds us to take some time for ourselves and have some fun. So take advantage of the longer spring days and do something fun for yourself. Take a class, go to a movie, or just call a friend and take a walk outside. And speaking of outside, Don’t forget Earth Day! Everyone is spring cleaning their houses. Be sure to spend some time outside this Spring healing the Earth. Plant a tree, start a garden, and pick up any garbage you may come across outside. Now is a great time to refresh your living space, re-liven up your life, and renew the view outside your window.


“Magick is Afoot!”
May Pole

The main holiday this time of year is May Day, or Beltane. This sabbat celebrates the sacred union of the God/dess. It is a celebration of fertility and growth. Traditional celebrations include a May Pole, an obvious masculine symbol, decorated with flowers and long ribbons, which are feminine symbols. On May Day we dance around the May Pole, weaving the ribbons around the pole. It is also customary to make and exchange wreaths of flowers among loved ones. While it may not be possible for you to erect your own May Pole, you can get creative and make one in miniature using a wooden dowel or even a twig. Decorate your pole with red and white ribbons, representing the mysteries of life and death. Braid in flowers representing your desires (lilacs for protection, dandelions for psychic energy, and violets for love). In Spring, the Earth is alive and “magick is afoot”!


Love is in the Air

May's Full Moon is called the Flower Moon, named after the beautiful flowering trees budding outside. Magickally, May is a perfect time to cast spells to enhance heath and general well being – whatever that means to you. So this Full Moon, gather a small mirror, a white candle, and two flowers, whose colors and type match your intent (such as red for love, white for cleansing, etc.). Place the flower in front of the mirror and the candle in front of the flower. Now look into the mirror, speak out loud your desires, and how your desire will positively affect your life. When you are done, dry out the flowers and leave them on your altar until your desires have manifested.


Flower Moon
Mark Your Calendars...   Smithville Belly Jam!

May is jam packed with New and Favorite Classes:
- New Moon Celebrations
- Chios Healing
- Hatha Yoga
- Yoga Dance
- Belly Dance Therapy
- Belly Dance for Kids!
- Yoga Play!
- Moonlight Meditation
- Seichem Master
- FREE Reiki Share

See my 2008 Calendar of Events for times and dates.



Saturday May10th, 1-4pm, Smithville, NJ
There will be many dance performances including: sensual cabaret style belly dancers, awe inspiring tribal dancers, and so much more! This is a family event, so bring the kids and make a day of it!

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