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Stop Smoking

For your conscious mind, you will learn why you have physical cravings & more complex behavior cravings and their differences. Discover the relationship between smoking & metabolism and how to control it. For the subconscious mind, you will use hypnosis and guided visual imagery to receive suggestions to completely eliminate smoking cravings and replace them with healthy ones.

Lose Weight
If you’re like many overweight people you have tried a multitude of weight loss programs and fad diets with varying degrees of success. The reason most of these programs fail is because they rely on willpower to fight off cravings and habits. Willpower, like moods, can be strong one day and weak the next. My hypnotherapy methods will not focus on building the willpower to resist the desires; instead it focuses on behavior change to remove the desires altogether. Rather than giving up something you like (a sacrifice); you are ridding yourself something that is not wanted.

Past Life Regression
One-on-one sessions will allow you to remember, in detail, one's own past lives significant for relationships and goals in this life. By analyzing your past life, and uncovering patterns and behaviors, I can help you become more aware of up-coming events in your own life.

Anxiety & Stress Relief
Unresolved fears or anxieties stemming from criticisms or negativity may hinder an individual, creating conflicts. This may reduce an individual's natural learning abilities resulting in an individual who "just can't get it". Also, if you find that you fear heights, spiders or even the dentist, I can help. Hypnosis can allow the subconscious its' natural learning capabilities, relieving tension, fears and stress.

Set up an appointment or contact me for more information. Sessions are typically
1 1/2 hours. Price varies depending on problem. For your convenience, payment can be made by PayPal (you will need a PayPal Account).

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