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"Last week ended on a great note and this week is even better. As I was doing all the things you told me, I could feel the air starting to clear in the house and just things lighten up in general in and around us. At first I stressed out about getting everything done in one day, but I'm glad it took a couple of days because I saw/felt the improvement each day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Lisa T
(House Cleansing/$$$ Spells)

"The last time we met, you said I would meet the next girlfriend around Feb and that it would be a little drive. You nailed it!!" - Don
(Tarot Reading)

"Lisa thank you so much for your time and energy. This reading has come at the perfect time for me. Love and light to you always!" - Mona-mi
(Tarot Reading)

"WOW.. how nice! I NEED that more than anything this week. I've had an awful week. I really want to get rid of this weight on my mind before I start this job. Perfect timing! Thanks Lisa.. look forward to seeing you next month!!" - Julia
(Corn Dolly)

"I just wanted to thank you again for Friday night. Everyone had a great time and it was a pleasure working with you. I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future." - Abbie Marra, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble Booksellers
(Readings Party)

"Hey there!! I have to thank you again for Sat night - I really enjoyed it. I will definitely take that tape. I did the magenta thing too. I did feel a difference in my hands. But I was very in tuned to all the energy this weekend. So I've been using both, pretty cool!" - Nicole

"Thanks for the reading here at CFDL & Co., it was fascinating!" - Diana
(Readings Party)

"Remember that card reading you had done for me over the summer? You said I'd be moving out in the's still fall and I'm moving this weekend. That's awesome!!!"
- Jill
(Tarot Reading)

"Thank You for your time this past Sunday and teaching me Reiki I. I found your one on one teaching most pleasant and very comfortable." - Larry

"Hey Lisa, I remember you did my cards a while back and said I'd get my own business, well you were right! I now sell Mia Bella Gourmet Candles...scents for every mood. I finally got something I love to do..." - Laney
(Tarot Reading)

"Thank you for such a Blessed touched me deeply." - Kenny
(Moonlight Meditation)

"I really enjoy the newsletter. Some great info and very pretty as well." - Tammy

"Thanks so much for you taking time out to help. It is much appreciated!!!!!! I've been experiencing a little more each day. I'm seeing the energy flow with some yellow green color when I look at my hands during a reiki shower. Right after the shower, I put my hands on my chest and continued to look at the ceiling, and still saw the waves!!! I was very moved..." - Nicole

"After one Reiki treatment, my back is much better. Thanks!" - Dave
(Energy Healing)

"I just wanted to say thanks again for that reading. It actually brought a lot of light into my life...You couldn't have been any more right in everything you said." - Jill
(Tarot Reading)

"Hello, Lisa! I have heard so many times from my daughter's friends about how much they enjoyed you at her birthday party in December. Thanks again!" - Christine
(Readings Party)

"I cannot thank you enough for your precious and most generous thoughts - I will follow your instructions - I have already started the visualizing exercise..." - Sue
(Healing Request)

"OHHHHH… the love jar!! Well I put it out and...Pretty amazing jar!…and yes, the Aphrodite jar worked in the two days that you said!""
(Love Jar/Spell)

"I slept like a rock… the best sleep I had in quite a while."

"Guess where I am? I'm in London! I just wanted to drop you a line and fill you in. Your reading said not to be afraid and that everything would turn out all right.
I'm so happy now and I'm even singing tonight! Thank you!" - Ruth
(Tarot Reading)

"I just wanted to thank you for the hypnotherapy. I would have never believed that I could go back and experience past lives. I will never laugh at hypnotherapy again. :) It actually explained a lot of things in my current life. Thank you for a great experience.. I'd love to do it again." - Carole T.

"WOW!!!!! That prosperity oil you gave me REALLY WORKS!!!!! After I returned home from NJ a tremendous opportunity just dropped into my lap." - Jen

Testimonial Pic"I was a smoker for nearly 10 years. I tried cold turkey, nicotine gum to carrot sticks. One hypnotherapy session with Readings by Lisa was all it took. No fidgeting. No craving. Nothing!" - Kurt R.

"I have now lost 20lbs and I'm able to control my appetite. Thank you Lisa!" - Mark P.


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