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Ritual Spells

These safe and easy spells have been researched and tested for their ease and accuracy. Comes with everything your need to improve finances, lose weight, or attach that someone special. The possibilities are endless. Spells can be customized to fill your needs.

Handmade Oils
This oil is blessed and charged to aid you in attaining your deepest desires. Dab on Health oil when you feel a cold coming on, or sprinkle prosperity oil on your wallet to increase your cash flow. Use in your spells, to anoint candles, or wear as perfume. These scents are very versatile and also easy to use.

Handmade Incense
Painstakingly made with intent to enhance your spell work and mediations. Just mix with the self-lighting powder in a fireproof container and enjoy the aroma. It's clean and easy! A little pinch goes a long way.

Meditation and Rune Stones
Runes have been used since ancient times to make predictions, tell fortunes, interpret dreams, and aid in meditation. Just reach into the handmade bag, pull out 1-3 stones, and read the corresponding interpretations provided. There are no limits! Use as often as your wish. You have the power to see your own future!

My store is currently being built, so contact me to place an order or for more information.


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