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January 30, 2006
Volume 2, Issue 2
"The Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone"

The shortest month of the year, February is named for Februa, an ancient purification festival. The earth is beginning to stir, despite the powerful wind, storms, and snow we usually get this time of year. The major holiday in February falls on the 2nd, called Imbolc, Bridget's Day, or Candlemas. Imbolc is the halfway point between winter and spring. A truly special day for Wiccans and Celtic witches, Imbolc is a High Holiday honoring the Triple Goddess Bridget. This is the time we celebrate the strengthening of the Sun, as each day the daylight lasts a bit longer than the day before. Imbolc is a perfect time for purification and banishment rites and rituals. Traditionally, this is the day people take down their Yuletide greenery to burn in ritual fires in order to illuminate the waning dark of winter. These days we celebrate Groundhog Day, which is a holiday using a seasonal divination of movement and shadow to determine how long winter will last.


Month of Aquarius

Astrologically, February's sign is Aquarius, the water barer. It is a fixed sign ruled by Uranus. This year, February's Full Moon falls on the Sunday before Valentine's Day. This Full Moon is called the Snow or Quickening Moon. This is a perfect time for introspection and change. Look inside yourself and see the possibilities awakening - just as the crocuses are awakening under the frozen ground. See what it is you truly wish for and face up to what shames you. Divining tools can help you through any fear or bias you may be using as a shield. When you are ready, light a black candle to banish all the things you are now ready to let go of. Then, light a white candle to help you to become strong enough to receive the opportunities that await!


Celebrate the God/dess in Bridget Today!

Break out your Corn Dollies! Traditionally on the second of February, corn maidens (representing the Goddess) are dressed in scraps of white lace and ribbon and given a small wand braided with ribbon (to represent the God). They are then placed in a small basket, called the Bride's Bed. This Bride's Bed is placed on the hearth or hung from the front door in order to bring prosperity, fertility, and protection into the home. Light a candle, burn some sweetgrass or sage, and ask the Bride for inspiration. Then write a poem, create with music, or express yourself with art. Before bed, put some lavender into spring water and add a seashell. Place the charm under your bed or on your nightstand for the next two weeks. Keep a journal by your bed and keep track of your dreams. Messages revealed in the shadow of winter often has special meaning.


Romantic Enchantments

Romance is the underlying sentiment all month long, but especially on February 14th - an ideal day for love spells and divinations, chocolates, and romantic dinners! There are dozens of superstitions that surround Valentine's Day. Start your day by taking a bath with seven crushed bay leaves and end your day by putting five bay leaves under your pillow in order to dream of a future lover. While casting love spells is very tempting this time of year, be sure to always have your intended's permission before doing so. Or, use your spell to ask for a partner who is perfect for you. Never request a specific person. Ever see The Craft? Rent it. Yes, it may just be a movie - but there is an underlying truth there if you can see past all the Hollywood glamour. If you already have a love, break a bay twig in half (like a wishbone) with your love at sunrise while declaring your love for each other. Then carry the twig with you always.


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