Imbolc 2007 News
February 5, 2007
Volume 3, Issue 1
Early Spring!?

February is the year's shortest month. The days begin to lengthen and people start emerging from the hibernation and haze that follows the craziness of the holiday season. You will find that ice skating rinks and parks are now crowded with people embracing the cold and getting energized by the lingering sunlight. February is traditionally a good time for fortune telling. Our modern Groundhog's Day still exists because we subconsciously cling to the Old Ways, waiting for an annual divination for the year's weather pattern. The major holiday this month is Imbolc, also referred to as Candlemas or Bridget's Day. Imbolc is the mid-point between the cold of winter and the budding spring. It's a time to celebrate the Sun, inviting It to stay longer and longer each day. Imbolc is perfect for purification and banishment rites and rituals.


Out With the Old

A wonderful way to incorporate February's themes into your daily routine is to first dust off your New Year's resolution list - if you can still find it! Chose one goal to work on. Sit in a quiet place and light a white candle to meditate on. Think about your desires and get as specific as you can. What do I need? How will this affect my life? What will happen if I don't get this? Then light a black candle and meditate on what in your life is preventing you from achieving your goal. When you are ready say something like, "I am free from what I do not need. I accept what will work for me. Clear my Path, God/dess please. Unfold and reveal Your plans for me." Let the candles burn down while you finish your meditation. Then get moving and do some actual physical cleaning - attack that pile on your desk or that over flowing closet. You will feel so light after all that baggage has been tossed and you'll find you have more energy, too!


new year
Clean & Clear

Once you have your physical and spiritual cleaning out of the way, and all that stagnate energy has been cleared away, it is time to look into the Universe and see what is truly waiting for you. In fact, you should always divine the outcome before you attempt any spell work - a step most of us ignore! I was one all ready to do an elaborate healing ritual for a friend - spent big bucks on fancy ingredients. And right before got into it, my Guides told me to pull a few cards first. And wouldn't you know it, this person wanted to be "sick". I went ahead and did the healing anyway and years later I still have to hear about this mysterious and rare illness she still has! If you aren't into tarot cards or rune stones, you can try a simple dream divination. Compose a question and write it down on a piece of paper. Using Wisdom Oil or Prophetic Dream Oil, or even some lavender or mugwort, trace a spiral over the question while saying, "Lady Moon share your Light, bring the truth to my dreams tonight." Keep a pen and paper by your bed and write down any dreams, images, or thoughts you have when you wake.


Don't forget the kids...

Break out the raffia and popsicle sticks! Help the kids make corn dollies by folding over some raffia and tie a string about 1-2 inches from the fold to create a head. Let the kids decorate them by drawing on faces and adding hair and cloths. Then they can make little beds for them out of more raffia or from cut up egg cartons. Use popsicle sticks to make an equal armed cross - also called a St. Bridget's cross. Secure it in the center with colored yarn or ribbon and then wrap the string around each arm of the cross over and over until all of the stick is covered. Then let the kids hang them by the fireplace, in the kitchen, or by the front door to invite prosperity in and to keep negativity out.


corn dolly
Haul out the Hearts!

February is a month colored with pink and red winged cherubs waiting to peg us right between the eyes with love. This month, learn how to improve your love life. Spice up a predictable relationship. Bring a brand new love to the next level. Or find out how to do a rain dance to wash away your emotional draught! This month's Full and New Moons will be focusing on these issues. We will also be introducing a brand new class, Spellcraft. So beginners, come and learn some new interesting things. Adepts, you can come too and expand your craft.


Mark Your Calendars...   Valentine Specials

Beginning Spellcraft - Learn how to customize your own spells to fill your special needs... improve finances, lose weight, or attract that someone special!
February 11th

New Moon Celebration - Come explore the Magickal side of the Moon.
February 17th

Free Reiki Share
February 25th

See my 2007 Calendar of Events for more information.



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"The Secret"
Janie Berrigan (my Reiki Teacher) is going to be a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show this coming Thursday, February 8th, about the book The Secret. It is sort of a sequel to the "What the Bleep Do We Know". Check it out!

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