Imbolc 2008 News
February 6, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 1
"Free Your Mind"

It's hot. It's cold. Sweaters and then T-shirts. But there is a reason for all this craziness. February is a time when the earth starts to stir from it long Dark Nap. It’s a time when we look deep inside ourselves, block out all the mess and stress around us, and find our Inner Light - our creative fires. The main holiday in February is Imbolc or Bridget’s Day. Bridget is the goddess of (or patron saint, depending on your belief system) creativity in the form of healing, black smithing, and poetry. Find your creative side this year. Light as many white candles as you can. Put some clean snow in a bowl (if you have no snow due to the 70-degree weather like me, use ice from the fridge or rain water, light the candles and visualize inspiration flowing into the water. Let the candles burn out as you meditate. Then drink the water. Also on Bridget's Day we take bundles of corn, dress them in ribbon and lace and hang them on our front doors to bring prosperity and fertility into our homes. It's also a great day to do healing and love spells.


Look Before...

This month's Full and New Moons share a common theme of inspiration and creativity, release and renewal. Start by cleaning your personal space, or at least make a few neat and manageable piles. Then make a list of all the bad habits and negative things (or people) in your life. Light a black candle and burn the list in the flame. Then light a white candle and ask fore the ability to receive - love, success, whatever you need right now.


full moon
You Leap


This year is very special because it is a leap year. Occurring only once every four years, traditionally, Leap Day is a day when women could propose to men. Thankfully, today women don’t have to wait four years to speak our minds. So take some time off of your “regular” life and have some fun by trying some thing new and exciting!


Chocolate, Hearts, & Flowers, Oh My!

February is a month full of sensations. Bright colors, chocolatey candies, and lacey hearts. All this calls to mind that chubby checked sniper-in-the-diaper, which - in my opinion - needs thick thick glasses! Anyway, live it up this Valentine’s Day by indulging all your senses. Surround yourself and a loved one with scented candles, soft silky clothing, you get the idea! No special someone this year? Grab a bunch of like-minded friends and make a night of it. Dinner, dancing, lots of food, and special divinations and maybe even a love spell or two! Hate cupid more than your veggies? Stay at home, put on your PJ’s, watch a horror flick, and pig out on sweet, sticky junk foods until you pass out!



Mark Your Calendars...   Valentine Specials

Reiki I Class - Study the simple, yet profound system of natural healing for body and mind.
February 10th

Alf Layla Hafla - Bi-monthly Hafla/Showcase! Dancing, shopping, food, music and more!
February 17th

Moonlight Meditation - Harness the power flowing from the Full Moon.
February 20th

Tarot Cards 101 - Learn how to look into the past, analyze the present, and unveil the future!
February 24th

See my 2008 Calendar of Events for more information.



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