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July 25, 2006
Volume 2, Issue 7
The Cycle of Life
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August is the eighth month of the year, named after Augustus Caesar. Its main holiday is Lammas, or the First Harvest. Traditionally, this is the time of year the corn, barley, and wheat crops are brought in. Grain has long been a symbol of eternity - the birth, death, and rebirth cycle we all live by. When a stalk dies, the seed fall into the earth. And from that, a new seedling emerges. With that in mind, now is the perfect time of year to do all types of spell work. Place an acorn by your widows for protection. Clear out bad habits and emotional baggage. Go out under the Full Moon and spend some time meditating on future plans and goals. Try something new like belly dance or yoga. Rejuvenate yourself by putting some time aside just for you!



Take a mental holiday from work - or cut out early. Take your kids outside and just see what happens. Spend as much time as possible at parks, beaches, or your own backyard. Take a walk after work. Go fishing and be sure to throw back the first catch to honor Neptune (otherwise known as Poseidon), to ensure a large haul. Cool evening breezes are great for flying kites. And if it rains, spend some time baking cookies or even try your hand at homemade bread - and yes, cornbread from a mix counts! Don't forget to cut back your gardens and plant bulbs for next year. Have a BBQ. Eating together is an ancient tradition using shared food to create and maintain friendships and partnerships. So this time don't limit your guest list to just loved ones. Invite that nasty co-worker, the cousin you haven't spoken to in five years, or your sour neighbor. Serve lots of seasonal fruits and veggies - bought from local farmer's markets if you can. Hand out Corn Dollies or braided wheat stalks as party favors. Just before the meal, have the younger family members pass around a basket with bread in it. Then have the kids tell all the guests to break off a piece of bread and give a brief word or two of thanks, for the wonderful food and for the lovely company.


Gifts from Swift-Tuttle

Every year, around mid-August, it appears to rain streaks of light from Heaven. Most cultures have different traditional beliefs that surround "shooting stars". These shooting stars are sent to us from the comet Swift-Tuttle, which comes our way every August. Considered gifts from the God/dess, remnants from Swift-Tuttle can be used as very powerful amulets. They have been used by the ancients as button beads on ritual robes and even carved into athames by those lucky enough to possess them. This summer, take a moment or two as the sun sets, to give tribute to the beautiful night sky highlighted by streaks and ribbons of magickal light.


Carry the Magick with You!

With all the traveling around I like to do during the summer, I often find myself in situations where I'd love to perform a quick spell or am moved to ritual by the sight of the rising moon over the ocean. At these times, a simple chant just doesn't satisfy me. However, it's just not practical to cart around the entire contents of my magickal cabinet with me. A great answer to this dilemma is having an altar on a string. Using a long chain or even a length of black cord, you can have an entire working altar with you at all times. I like to have several small charms, easily found in accessory or novelty stores at the mall, that carry pictures of the elements, a flame, a wave, etc., my totem animal, and the God/dess. Do what feels right for you and you'll never go wrong.


altar on a string
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