Lammas 2007 News
August 12, 2007
Volume 3, Issue 5
Baby its HOT outside!

Here they come...the Dog Days of Summer. The hottest day of the year. Each day is warmed by the strength of the sun and each night sooths and relaxes us, a sign that we are always surrounded by the power and glory of God/dess. Considered the first harvest, in August the corn, wheat, and grain fields are ready and ripe, and sunflowers and goldenrod color the landscapes. Summer fruits and veggies abound and can be found in every and all markets, inside and out.


Take a Load Off...

August is the traditional time for magic and industry. Always packed full of vacations, craft fairs, festivals (celebrating almost everything!), and sports events. All year we work so very hard, and now we are able to relax and enjoy the results of all that hard work. So why fight it? Take a day or two off of work. Or vow to take one full day off from those weekend chores - let the lawn mow itself! No excuses now...will the world ready end if you skipped the dusting this Saturday? And it doesnít cost much money to wander through a park, sit at an outdoor concert, or collect shells on the beach. Check out your local paper - you know, the one that you line the cat-box with. Youíll be surprised how many fun and free events are happening right now!


Party Time!

This month starts off with Lammas, which is the day of celebration of the first harvest. Traditionally a time to bake breads from scratch, praise God/dess for all our many blessings, and to celebrate lifeís continuing birth and rebirth. Take a modern spin on old traditions by celebrating all month long. Throw a Summer Party. Make it a BBQ and organize games for the kids - and OK the adults too! Rainy day blues? Try your hand at baking your own bread. Want to get the kids involved? Pick up those ready-to-make-just-add-water pouches of corn bread mix and let the kids help. Now is also a great time for starting seasonal preserves and jams. Not your thing? How about try making some apple or berry wine. Start now and youíll have delicious homemade spirits to serve during the fall holidays.


Mark Your Calendars...   Yoga on the Beach!

Beginning Spellcraft Class - Learn the Craft of Spells!
August 19th

Free Reiki Share
August 26th

Moonlight Meditation - Harness the power flowing from the Full Moon.
August 28th

See my Calendar of Events for more information.

Fifteen Seconds of Fame
A brief quote captured in the Sentinel during the Harry Potter release event at East Brunswick Barnes & Noble.



Mondays at 7:30pm. RSVP is a must for location. Classes held rain (indoors) or shine. Sign up now $35 a month. Discounts available for special interest groups (seniors and mom's clubs, etc.). Baby-sitting service is provided. Check calendar for additional classes.

"Who said that?" Contest
And the winner was...Nicky! Congratulations!

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