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January 3, 2006
Volume 2, Issue 1
"Live Long and Prosper"
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The first month of the modern-day year is a time of beginnings. The word January comes from the two-faced God, Janus, who rules over gateways and doorways. Marked by icicles, frost, and snowdrifts, January is an ideal time to spend more time at home - made all the more warm and cozy by the cold outside. January's main holiday is, of course, New Year's Day, which is a perfect time for cleaning and safeguarding our homes - both physically and spiritually. New Year is also a perfect time for spells and charms of all kinds. Usually, a nice prosperity spell will cover all your bases. I mean who doesn't want to become prosperous in money, love, and health?


There's More...

January 1st isn't the only special day this month. January 7th, traditionally called the Return of the Sun Day, is believed to be the day that the power of the Sun starts to return and awaken winter's slumbering animals. Start this day by toasting the Return of the Sun with orange or apple juice and say, "Winter day and winter night, step aside for the light. Thank you for the things you brought, things only the dark could have wrought." Then light a fire, or candle, and cast a prosperity spell*. When you are done, take the corn dolly you have saved from the Fall Equinox (or a piece of corn or wheat bread), and put it into the flame to help fuel the energy of the growing Sun!


Bah! Humbug!

Feeling bummed because after working so hard, the December Holidays where over in a flash? Try some of these techniques to help beat stress and negativity. Open all your blinds and shades and fill your space with sunshine to chase away negative emotions. Take walks outside - 20 minutes of sunshine will improve a funky mood. Keep the toilet seats down when not in use to keep money from slipping away. Burn a bayberry candle to repel negativity and attract money. Keep all drawers and cabinet doors closed to stop others from spreading gossip. Light blue and white candles to bring peace into the house. Carry a hematite or an onyx to neutralize any harmful energy you may encounter. And, to preserve you sanity - if a guest is making you uncomfortable, excuse yourself and stand a broom bristle end up. They will leave and take their negativity with them. Still feeling sad? Try meditating. Envision yourself in a large brilliant white egg and say, "This shield protects me from all harm".


Let Go of the Old / Ring in the New!

Traditionally the first person to visit your home on New Year's day becomes a symbol of prosperity. So don't be afraid to plan ahead to ensure that visitors bring the traditional gifts of bread and fire - you know, a candle, bread, or cake, etc. Ah! Cake! Thought you were done with all the sweet treats you just can't resist? Nope! Sweets are customary in January to insure a "Sweetness" in the coming year. Another great New Year's ritual is making resolutions. First, think about your life and then make two lists. One, for all the things you are grateful for and the other, of all the things you wish to accomplish during the oncoming year. Been there, done that, and it didn't work out? Make the statements powerful like, I will ask for and receive a raise by April. Or, I will lose 5 pounds before my spring vacation. Remember to add fun things you have always wanted to try, like traveling to Europe or skydiving. Get as specific as you can. Then post it where you'll see it everyday. I like to hand write mine on a pad so I can carry it with me.


snow ball
Cool Prosperity Spells

*Every New Year's, I gather with the women of my family in the kitchen and we perform our prosperity spells. Here are two of my favorites that I found in the 2002 Spell-a-Day Desk Calendar.

Witches Balls
Burn a bit of sage. Mix together some orange peal, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Add a drop of Prosperity Oil and say, "New Year blooms in winter light, bringing joy and love each night. With the dawn comes strength and more. Prosperity enters through my door." Now add three drops of Juniper Oil and stir seven times. Fill Yule Tree balls with the mixture and pass out to family. Tell everyone to hang the ornament on a tree outside their home while asking the Winds of Change to bring prosperity and harmony into their lives.

Good Times Charm
The next time you pop a bottle of Champagne, get the cork, put a slit in the top and insert a coin. Put the charm in your kitchen cabinet to bring good luck all year. Even better, use a coin with the year you where born in, and carry the charm with you for good luck that will last the rest of your life!


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