Ostara 2007 News
March 25, 2007
Volume 3, Issue 2
"In Like a Lion..."

Traditionally, March is known as the end of winter and the start of spring. The month opens with bitter winds and snowstorms and then morphs into warm afternoons and cool evening rain. March also brings the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara. This holiday is what the Christians based their Easter on. Often very close on the calendar, most of Easter's themes originate from Ostara. While we all celebrate the return of the Sun, Christians also celebrate the return of the Son. Bunnies, baskets, and colorful eggs were all taken from pagan images of a world in rebirth.


"...Out like a Lamb"

Now is a great time to plan for your garden! Gardening supplies are being displayed in almost every store and packaged seeds, both veggies and flowers, are all on sale. Check out the space that you have for your garden, whether outside or inside. Then go and make your purchases. But beware! March is notorious for late snow showers. So be sure to wait until after the Equinox before planting. Just can't wait? Start an indoor herb garden. Get the kids involved with this one. Let them help pick out the flowers for your garden. Or get little hands their own planting kits, such as strawberry or tomato kits. What kid won't love to munch on fruits and veggies they grew themselves! And don't forget to spring clean the yard as well as inside the house. Head outside on a warm afternoon and prep your garden space. Bag and toss leftover leaves, etc. Once that stuff is done, you'll be all set to get your hands dirty after the threat of that last frost has passed!


garden gateway
Seeds of Change

New Year's Eve usually marks our desire to toss old habits as we forge into a New Year with a clean slate. But did you know that Springtime is actually much better time for such changes. Longer days and warmer nights, bring us out of hibernation, both mind and body, and lend us new energy! Start by opening all your windows and doors as you spring-clean. This will cleanse your home of both physical dirt and any metaphysical stagnate energies. Then make a list of all the changes you'd like to make in your life. Be sure to take special care cleaning any areas in your home that are connected with the goals on your list - such as cleaning your desk if your goal is to write your memoir's. Then rank your list in order of importance. Meditate on each item on your list, one at a time. What would your life be like if you had already achieved your goal? What would life be like if you could never achieve it? Get as specific as you can. Next find seeds that correspond with your goals - sage for protection, lavender for luck, and gardenia for health. Plant the seeds in a small cup with some soil. Cover the cup loosely with plastic wrap, place it in a sunny window, and keep the soil moist by spraying water under the plastic wrap each day. As your seedlings grow, so will change grow in your life!


"The Incredible, Eatable..."

Dying any eggs this year? If you know any kids, odds are you'll be eating hard-boiled eggs until July 4th! Well don't despair. There are many unique ways to do the "egg-thing" without being overwhelmed with egg salad. The egg is a symbol of rebirth and growth. It has also been used in traditional spellwork for healing, fertility and love. For a quick and easy spell, take a raw egg and dye it an appropriate color - red for love, green for prosperity, etc. Then put small holes on either end of the egg with a needle and blow out the insides. Rinse with a bit of water and then insert small crystals and herbs that will enhance your spell. For example, a rose quartz and some rose petals are good for a love spell. Or a piece of malachite and some dried lavender to encourage healing. Cover the holes by gently gluing colored paper over them. Another fun spell involves dying four eggs the colors of the elements. Bury them in the Four Corners of your property to protect your household. You can also dye eggs different colors or decorate them with dollar signs, hearts, etc., and hang them from trees and scrubs around your home to bring prosperity and love, etc. Oh, and don't forget that eggshells are also a great add to for potting soil and even coffee grounds!.


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