Ostara 2008 News
March 21, 2008
Volume 4, Issue 2
It's Time for a Change

Transition. It’s all around us. March is a time in between winter and spring. The mornings are cold, afternoons sunny and bright, and nights dark and windy. One day it’s snowing and the next we’re ready for shorts. Daffodils are beginning to peek up out of the ground. The sap is rising and the birds are beginning to appear in our yards again. The stores are packed with lawn furniture and garden tools. It is a time for clearing out the old and letting the new flow in. Take some time this month to start “Spring Cleaning”. Clean out the closets, gather up items to donate or plan a garage sale. Often, I hear people say they want to buy something but they have no room for it. This holds true for abstract things, too. Clear out your mind of old outdated ideas and feelings. And in doing so, you are allowing yourself to accept happiness, love, and all the things you need - and deserve - in your life.


Hippitty! Hoppitty!

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, is March’s main holiday. It celebrates the longer daylight hours and awakening of the Earth. Most spring holidays celebrate this return of life and the end of cold winter days, such as Easter and Purim. Eggs are the popular seasonal supply of life and fertility we see budding all around us. Many cultures offer colored eggs to insure health, fertility and growth. The yellow yolk represents the returning Sun and the whites represent the Maiden Goddess. Combine magick and family fun. Use wax crayons to write symbols, names, and desires, on hard-boiled eggs. Then dye them in appropriate colors – such as red for love, green for money, blue for health, etc. Focus on your intent all the while. After it is dry, offer thanks to the God/dess. Then eat the egg(s) mindfully, envisioning the magick fill you like sunlight.


“Let it Be”

The Full Moon in March is called the Storm Moon. It’s a great time to work on change and renewal. Traditionally, people used the wind to carry messages to the God/dess. Today we can use the crazy March winds to our advantage by making small kites with wishes written on them and fly them. It is also a great way to involve the kids in your magickal workings and get them outside into the fresh air - after bring locked up with video games all winter. The March Full Moon is also a perfect day to do protection magick, especially to ward off negative energy caused by gossip and jealously. (But be sure you don’t contribute to the gossip!) Light some protective incense and a white candle. Now envision yourself in a bubble of blue light. See the smoke as negativity floating away from you. Then extinguish the incense and bury it off your property - along with the hard feelings.


"Let the Sunshine In..."

The Spring Equinox is a time when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and both rise at the same time. The Sun’s masculine expressive energy merges with the feminine reflective Lunar energy, making this a perfect time to start new projects. Take two packages of complimentary seeds, such as white moonflowers and red morning glories. Play some music, light a white candle, and tuck the packets under it. Envision the plants growing, entwining Solar and Lunar energy, blooming with colorful flowers, white by night and red by day. Let the candle burn out. Now have at it and dig into your garden or flower box and make it happen!


spring sun
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Belly Therapy Class - Take back the quality of your life through movement and dance.
March 29th

Understanding Wicca - Perfect for those just starting out on the path, and for those looking to deepen their practice.
March 30th

Free Reiki Share
March 30th

New Moon Celebration - Come explore the Magickal side of the Moon.
April 4th



Dancefest New Jersey - Come and learn belly dance from the best around!
April 5th

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