October 26, 2005
Volume 1, Issue 4
And the Wheel Turns…

Halloween is probably the most magical of all the Traditional Holidays. Often called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), this is the Witch's New Year…the first turn of The Wheel. Now marks the time when the veils between the worlds are the most transparent, an ideal time of year, not only to celebrate our ancestors, but also for looking through the obvious everyday into the future. Outside warm afternoon sunshine is interspersed with biting winds and cool rain. Inside, our bodies are changing, both in metabolism and in consciousness. Our active mental states are starting to shift into a more psychically receptive state, which is more appropriate to the Dark Half of the Year. We both embrace and combat the darkening days by decorating our homes with traditional symbols used to protection, like gourds, pumpkins, dried cornstalks, and candles colored orange and black.



For those who eyes start to gleam with possibility as October 31st approaches, be aware that this year Halloween falls on a Dark Moon, which is the night when the moon disappears, so to speak, the day before the New Moon. The Dark Moon is not an ideal time for Magick. And if that isn't enough, for those who consult astrology before delving into the unknown, this year as the night falls on Samhain, the moon goes void-of-course. Again, not a good time for Magick. But never fear (especially on Halloween Night)! There are always ways around these unfavorable conditions. October's Full Moon is referred to as the Blood Moon, a time to celebrate death. Traditionally, a special family dinner - called the Dumb Supper - is held with extra place settings for loved ones that have crossed over. The Blood Moon is also an ideal time to "start" your Samhain Magick (especially this year). Once your Crafts and Magicks are all prepared and readied, come October 31st all you have to do is say your prayers and light the candles! Sneaky, but it works. Just remember that any manipulations performed from a Full Moon to a New Moon is waning, meaning it focuses on releasing and letting go (releasing money problems, letting go of illness), not gaining. Another seasonal tradition that goes back eons, is the Samhain Circle. This circle is where we got our modern day Seances. Halloween is a wonderful time to perform divinations of all kinds. So have a party and pull out the Tarot Cards or Spirit Board! If that seems a bit scary to you, try lighting a fire and toss nuts into it while asking questions. You can have fun interpreting the fire's pops and hisses as your answers.


It was a Monster's Bash!

Halloween is a very special time for parties, especially for young ones. And, these parties are a great way to introduce "Magickal Traditional and Games" to your children and even to non-believers. Have an apple bob, with symbols carved into the apple skins, like that will predict what each child will be when they grow up. Tell the kids to save their apples until November 1st, as eating an apple on All Saints Day ensures a healthy New Year. Let the kids carve or paint their own little pumpkins to take home. Let the older children light their Jack O' Lanterns with black tea-lights for protection, which turns them into Soul Lights. Hollow out gourds and fill them with lentils to make rattles. Then the kids can shake them to scare away evil spirits. Have the kids make corn dollies and let them toss them into a fire while making a wish - the pops and smoke will tell them if it will come true! And since everyone will be inundated with plenty of candy, make Charm Bags for your party favors. You don't even have to sew! Just put pumpkin seeds (healing), salt (protection), a penny (money), and some apple seeds (love), on a square of orange felt and tie with a black ribbon. Once the festivities are over, don't forget to toast up all those yummy pumpkin, squash, and gourd sees (see recipe below). Yummy!


Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Rinse the seeds well with water (purification) and pat dry on a towel. Oil a cookie sheet (for healing and peace) and spread the seeds on the sheet. Heat in a 200 degree oven for about 45 minutes, shaking periodically. Then lightly spray the seeds with Pam and sprinkle with seasonings, such as salt (protection). Turn up the heat to 400 degrees and let cook for about 5 more minutes. Do not let the seeds turn brown.


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