Samhain 2006 News
October 23, 2006
Volume 2, Issue 9
October - the First Turn of the Wheel!
magic door

Now is the time when the veil between the worlds begin to lift and the door to the other side unlocks. This allows for optimal conditions to received and send messages from loved ones that have passed on. For this reason, October is the traditional lime to remember and celebrate those who have left us behind. Outside, the world is afire with brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red. Inside, we are becoming more receptive to the energies around us. We begin to notice the subtle changes in the air all around us. As each day passes, the door creaks open, bringing us closer to the most magickal night of the month, Samhain, or Halloween.


"We All Speak with the Same Heart"

Every culture has some form of rite or ritual to honor their ancestors. Many of these traditions have carried over to modern times in the form of seasonal decorations, such as corn bundles to bring fertility, scarecrows for protection, and pumpkins for prosperity and love. There are an infinite amount of ways to celebrate this Sabbat. Witches mourn the dying God and prepare for the Dark Half of the Year. Jewish people have their Day of Atonement. The Shinto await the return of their gods, and the Christians honor all their saints and martyrs. Visit our message board and share your favorite Halloween tradition! Or find new ones to make your holiday more festive! To me, October is a great time to cleanse, reflect, protect, and divine. Put candles in your window to help ancestors find their way home. Decorate your front yard with scarecrows and jack-o lanterns to keep negative energies from entering your home. Dress up in a costume that reveals your inner desires (but try not to get arrested). Have a party to gather family and friends to help enjoy this magckial night!


An Apple A Day...
candy apples

October is a wonderful time of year. Full of fruits of the harvest. And one of my favorites is the apple harvest. There is nothing more magickal than wandering around an orchard, smelling that special "fall smell", hearing the crunch of the leaves under my feet, helping my niece and nephews reach up through the branches to get that perfect apple to pick. Surprisingly, the apple has always been a symbol of Magick. Slice an apple horizontally and you will reveal a five pointed star. This makes them not only a symbol of the Divine, but also perfect for all kinds of spell-work, such as healing spells, love spells, and protection spells. Don't forget, drinking cider - hard or otherwise - will ensure a bountiful harvest for next year. Candy apples celebrate the harvest too! And nobody said how we should eat that apple a day...


Quick Treats Are Still Sweet

Today we have such busy lives that we often don't get to do all the things that we plan to make an event or day special. Working, school, family, not to mention costumes to make (or buy is more like it!), parties to plan, parades to attend...So here's a few ideas for treats and snacks that will save you time and aggravation.

Witch Mix - toss popcorn or cracker jacks, peanuts, candy corn, small marshmallows, and candy (like M&M's or fruit chews), in a large bowl. It takes two minutes to make and you can't mess it up. Both kids and adults will love it, and it looks real pretty in the bowl. And, for you Kitchen Witches out there, this mix will encourage love and prosperity to all who partake!

Enchanted Brew - Take a gallon of apple cider (for love), three cinnamon sticks (to enhance psychic powers), three orange slices (for luck), and one liter of ginger ale (for good health). Mix together in a large bowl and add a dash of nutmeg, (to encourage loyalty) if you desire, to each cup. Quick, easy, and very tasty!

Orange Mint Sticks - Roll an orange in your hands to make the insides juicy. Use an apple corer to cut about half way into the orange. Place a peppermint stick - you know, the old fashioned kind - into the hole and use it as a straw. Both kids and adults love this one, and the best thing is there is no preparation because you have to drink it right after you make it!


witches brew
Upcoming Spooktacular Events - Mark Your Calendars

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October 29th
November 26th

Reiki II - A simple, yet profound system of natural healing for body and mind which transcends cultural and religious boundaries.
November 26th

New Moon Celebrations - Come explore the Magickal side of the Moon.
November 20th

Moonlight Meditation - Harness the power flowing from the Full Moon.
November 3rd

Understanding Wicca - Covering basic theology, beliefs, laws, tools, Days of Power, ritual design, and much much more!
November 12th

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