Spring 2006
March 30, 2006
Volume 2, Issue 4
Calling Thumbs of All Colors

All you garden witches...come on out! Now is the time to work with the Earth's Natural Magickal Energies! Spend time outside - if your allergies can take it - and connect with the plants, trees, and flower buds. Leaves are unfurling and tulips are beginning to grow. The birds are coming back and looking for places to nest. Plants that grow in April are the hardiest, even though they appear to be so fragile. Gardens are magickal places, and for everyone in apartments, kitchen herb gardens count, too. Add a few semi-precious stones, some seashells, and maybe a ribbon or scrap of lace, to your garden to encourage benevolent nature sprites and fairies to visit.


"Anyway the Wind Blows"

The Full Moon, which falls on Passover this year, is a great time to start your spring-cleaning. And not just dusting and vacuuming. Open all the windows and doors. Spritz the air with rose water, or smudge each room with sweet grass. This not only clears out stagnate air leftover from winter, but also stagnant and negative energy as well. It’s also a great time to spring-clean your mind. Light some pink candles. Agree to see, at least for this one full day, only good things about yourself and others. Then spend some time outside at the end of your day, and write in your journal. Look back at this day in the weeks to come and see how looking for positive traits is just as easy (and I think, less taxing) as seeing only the negative.


The Joke's on You!

On April Fool's Day we celebrate the Trickster, the Joker, or The Fool, who is beginning a journey - often wearing rose-colored glasses. On this day, meditate on your life's journey while gazing on the image of The Fool or a quartz crystal. Imagine a your life as a colorful, uncluttered existence. Traditionally, people took advantage of the warmer weather and longer daylight hours by performing walking meditations, often in mazes or labyrinths. If you are lucky enough to have a yard, you can create your own labyrinth out of large rocks or crystals. This is great project for the kids. Have them create circles and lines marked out with the rocks. Then the whole family can walk the maze together. Some churches and theme parks still groom mazes on their properties for people to walk through in quiet - or loud and fun - contemplation. Check out the website http://www.maze-world.com/usauncat.htm to find mazes in your area.


If at First...

If sitting still is not conducive to quiet the mind (like us type A personalities), and the idea of a walking meditation is like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, try gardening. Mark out a small area in your yard, deck, or even a windowsill. Place representatives of the four directions, such as a feather for the east, a crystal for the north, a candle for the south, and a seashell for the west. Buy a few small air plants if you have no green thumb at all - they only need air and an occasional spritz of water to stay alive. Or invite the kids to help by planting a few seeds in paper cups filled with dirt. Write their names on the cups. Then have each child water and care for its seedling. This is a great time to teach little ones that plants are living beings, and all living things should be respected. This said, don't forget April 22 is Earth Day, a great time to plant a tree or some flowers. Start a vegetable or flower garden. Or take the kids, or the dog, to a park. John McConnell started Earth Day in 1969 on the Vernal Equinox in San Francisco, named for St. Francis who is the patron saint of ecology. While it has since been moved to April 22, every one of us are still being called to wake up and become aware of how all our actions effect the Earth. So leave the car at home today, if you can, and take the bus to work, carpool, bicycle, or - dare I say - walk!


We All Live in the Same World
egg hunt

April is so very full of diverse holidays, from Passover, to Easter, to Buddha's birthday. So use April as an excuse to explore, teach, and celebrate our differences and our similarities. Pay back debts (or get some at AC!) on Buddha’s birthday. Do protective spells on Passover, and rediscover The Maiden on Good Friday. On Easter, go out and participate in local egg hunts - both Seaside and Pt. Pleasant Beaches host a day of hunting for plastic eggs in the sand filled with prizes! Then use string to hang the plastic eggs from bushes and trees outside your home to bring prosperity to your family. The point is not to get caught up in terminology and church doctrine, but to spend time with the ones you love, have fun, and maybe even learn something.


Goddess for a Day...
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