June 30, 2005
Volume 1
June 21st Marks This Year's Summer Solstice

This is a perfect time to do magic of all kinds, especially love magic. A wonderful love spell is the Aphrodite Love Jar. This is not a typical love spell, and you don't need to be in a relationship for it to work. The jar will bring the love and positive energy that you need into your life.
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Looking for ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice?
Start your celebration by lighting a tall white or yellow candle to represent the longest day of the year, and a short black candle to represent the shortest night. Spend the day outside gardening and gathering herbs. Take a walk outside and leave your shoes at home. Look for feathers on the ground to use as charms and talismans. Go berry picking (Wall Twp. has a wonderful blueberry farm on Rte. 33). Go swimming, have a picnic or a BBQ. Decorate your home with flowers, wear special oil or burn some flowery incense.
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