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June 21, 2006
Volume 2, Issue 6
A Month of Life, Light, and Love

June is named for the principal Goddess of ancient Rome, Juno. She was the wife of Jupiter and the patron saint of Marriage and the well being of women. The main holiday is the Summer Solstice, Lithia, or Midsummer, when the sun graces the world with the longest day of the year before they days begin to shorten again. The God gives way to the Goddess during Midsummer. Day and night are equal and nature seems to be at a stand still. Midsummer is the exact opposite of the Winter solstice on The Wheel, and has been celebrated for years. Standing stone circles, such as Stone Henge, have tracked this special time of year for more than 2 millennia before recorded Celtic traditions. This is a very powerful time for magic as Midsummer marks an "in-between" time. Some witches wait all year for the equinoxes, making due with midnights and middays in the meantime to work their craft.


Traditional Ways in Modern Days

Now is the time for love, life, and light. Traditional celebrations included with out door parties, athletic competitions, and bonfires, where animals were herded between two bonfires to ask for blessings for good health. I believe this was done to burn off any vermin, such as tics, from the livestock (yeah, and the people too - it was a different time when hygiene wasn't as easy as it is now). Some cultures even walked the hot coals left after the fires had burned down, for purification and protection. Some preferred to jump over the waning fires. These days we use sweathouses, or saunas, for purification. Today it's more realistic to have a big BBQ. Cook everything you possible can outdoors. And be sure to spray for bugs before hand. For everyone who dislikes using chemicals, Lyme's Disease, Heartworm, etc. are very real things spread by insect bites. There are a gazillion repellants out there, natural and otherwise. Remember that purification (in the form of de-lousing) is a large piece of what Midsummer is.


An Open Mind / An Open Heart
summer moon

June's Full Moon is often called the Strong Sun Moon, or the Mead Moon - named for a sweet fermented beverage. This year's focuses on Masculine traits - ambition, intellect and strength. It is a good time for communication spells. Wear a symbol for communication such as "R" or have the kids draw a picture of a cell phone. Use communication oil or another spicy scent and anoint the symbol while focusing on improving communication in your life (this can be done with specifics in mind like the boss who yells at you or to generally improve relations in the world). Light a yellow candle, burn herbs for openness, such as basil or lavender, and ask Vestia, the Roman Goddess of hearth and home, to bless your family.


A Party...Just to Have One!

On Midsummer morning, wake the kids, and go outside and watch the sun rise. Soak up the rays and meditate on the coming Wheel and what it will bring you and your family - health, prosperity, and vacation. Then go into your garden and let young ones leave a pretty ribbon for the Fairy Folk. If you don't have a yard or park near your home, a potted plant near a window will do. Cut back your herb garden, if you have one, and store cooking herbs. Keep an eye on out door garden eatables so the squirrels and bunnies don't get to feast before you do! Or, take a walk outside through the neighborhood or to a local park. Broken bird shells found on the ground under trees (never take them from a nest!) is a sign of good luck and prosperity. Birds are also molting their old feathers, which can also be used in mid summer magic. Let the kids bring baggies to collect natures gifts to be used for later crafts and rituals. End the day with a barbecue! Be sure to have plenty of games to play, like tag, volleyball, or even checkers. Any food or drink spilled should be left with a loud, "LEAVE IT FOR THE FAIRIES!" If you live in a place where a BBQ with family and friends is not possible, volunteer at a hospital or long tern care facility, as a start of a new ritual to honor The Crone by caring for our older generation.


Full Circle

Can you believe that the Readings by Lisa e-Newsletter has reached a full turn of The Wheel? To celebrate this milestone, I'm holding a "Tell a Friend" Contest:
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Yoga on the Beach with Lisa
Every Thursday beginning June 22nd from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. Jenkinson's Beach North (before the Inlet) Ocean Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Relax, stretch and watch the moon rise with us. All levels welcome. Each class will focus on a Chakra beginning with the Root Chakra. Water and a limited number of matts will be available for use. If class is canceled due to inclement weather we will send you an email by 5:00 pm. Please RSVP with your name, address and telephone number.

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