November 4 , 2005
Volume 1, Issue 5
Hold on to your hat!

November is traditionally known as the Wind Month...and after moving to Ocean County, I can see why! Raw, and primal, November wind marks the season of change and transition. Nature is at a standstill. Leaves of brilliant colors are falling, leaving behind gray, bare branches. Our homes are decorated with candles that reflect the season. Try inscribing Runes on the candles with symbols, like B, for growth, and M, which represents the movements of the Sun. The sun seems to set ridiculously earlier these days...leaving us with long dark evenings perfect for introspection and spiritual development.


Fill those bare branches on your family tree...

Now is a perfect time to turn inward and reach into the past to call upon loved ones who have crossed over. This does not have to be as solemn or creepy as it sounds - unless you want it to be! In fact, this exercise is actually a great way to teach the children in your family about their family tree and history. Make a list of all your parents' parents' parents', and have the kids research your family name via the Internet. There are many different sites that can help. And ladies, it is actually easier to find more accurate information on your Maternal Family know, your mother's mother's mother. Or make this a family project and bring the kids to visit (or have them call) the elderly members of the family you may not see very often, and ask them to talk about their childhoods. Once you have some names of your ancestors, sit down with the kids (or by yourself), light a yellow candle (symbolizing family), and write letters to them. Once you are all done, burn the letters in a fireproof dish, take the ashes outside and let the kids scatter them on the winds. During the next few days, ask your children about their dreams and share yours. Who knows? You may get a reply!


Happy Turkey Day!

The main holiday in November is Thanksgiving, which was originally designated to celebrate the First Harvest of Indian corn, and another year of survival. Today we feast, play games (football!), and gather with our loved ones to give thanks for our many blessings. This year after everyone has gathered at the table, bring out the wishbone (if you are a vegetarian, make one from a broken tree branch). Let the person chosen to say the blessing (picking a younger family member for this honor makes this tradition all the more special, in my opinion), hold the wishbone up high, and say, "The Universe has heard all our chatter. Your God, my God, the source does not matter. In peace and hope we share this meal, with many thanks and lots of zeal!"


Energy Share - Open Invitation

On Sunday, November 20th at 5pm, I will be hosting a free "Energy Share". This Share is open to any and all practitioners/teachers of any healing energy, such as Reiki, Chios, Reconnective, Sekeim, etc. Anyone, who is interested in learning about or receiving healing energy, is welcome to come between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. I am hoping to provide the opportunity for potential students/clients to meet with different practitioners/teachers and network in a safe environment. Refreshments will be provided, so please RSVP!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and to get directions.


Free Readings - Mark Your Calendars!
I will be giving free Tarot and Palm Readings at:

Crabs Claw Inn Restaurant
Wednesday, November 9th - 6pm-9pm
Located on Route 35 North in Lavallette
(732) 793-4447

Sue's Gift Box
Located at 2428 Bridge Ave. in Pt. Pleasant
Thursday, November 10th - 6pm-8pm
(732) 899-7572


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